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Client Success Story: ATS Specific Job Scraper

At Elevate HRTech, we excel in delivering innovative solutions that empower HR Tech executives and leaders to thrive in the competitive landscape. In this case study, we proudly showcase the exceptional success of a recent project where our team's extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of the HR Tech industry played a crucial role in enabling a job scraping provider to implement ATS-based job scraping. This strategic approach substantially increased the quality and quantity of scraped jobs, propelling their business forward in record time.

Project Background

Our client, a job scraping provider, sought to explore ATS-based job scraping to enhance the quality and quantity of jobs with minimal effort. They needed a partner with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the HR Tech landscape and foundation of scraping to help them achieve their goals.

Solution: Building ATS-specific Scrapers for Core US and UK Providers

Our team at Elevate HRTech swiftly stepped in to develop a comprehensive plan. We prepared detailed requirements and collaborated with the engineering team to build ATS-specific scrapers for the core US and UK ATS providers. These ATS-specific job scrapers required a one-time configuration and could support many sites, making them highly efficient and scalable.

Monitoring Tools: Ensuring Seamless Performance

To ensure optimal performance, we provided specifications and requirements for monitoring tools. These tools enabled the client to track the progress and effectiveness of the ATS-specific scrapers, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Supporting Rapid Growth

As part of our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions, we also supported the client in setting up an automatically scalable cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure allowed them to accommodate rapid growth and seamlessly onboard new ATS providers, ensuring a robust and flexible foundation for their expanding operations.

Outcome: Exponential Growth and Success

Thanks to our collaboration, the client successfully onboarded 50 ATS providers and added 1 million new jobs in less than three months. This remarkable achievement underscores the power of our innovative solutions and the expertise of our team at Elevate HRTech.

This case study demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing HR Tech executives and leaders with cutting-edge solutions that drive exceptional results. Partner with Elevate HRTech and experience the transformative impact of our expertise on your organization - contact us today.